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Making the arm punch cute again

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After a couple of days of unproductivity, I started playing around a bit more and now lighted the rooms a bit better (still obviously lacking models and proper lighting), added some more rooms and played around with a little “cinematic” action. Just like in the 2D version, the player enters the library and witnesses the Oni for the first time. He also has a better placeholder model now, one that actually has a walking animation. The emphasis is obviously on placeholder model, it’s just a free teddybear model I grabbed off of a website I found.

Concerning lighting, I found out that in the free version of Unity, you obviously don’t have real time shadows. What this means for the lights is that they don’t get blocked by solid objects like walls, so the lighting looks weird in some places. I heard you can get around this by baking your lighting by using the lightmapping editor in Unity, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

In other news, someone responded to my previous post and offered to make a few music tracks for me. He will be back next week and I can’t wait to hear what he whips out. As always, stay tuned!


Oh jesus celestia fuck.


Oh jesus celestia fuck.

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I played around with collision detection yesterday, since the Oni, up until now, just walked straight through other game objects. This was because of the way his movement script was written. It went like this:

void Update() {

    // Rotate towards the target
    myTransform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(myTransform.rotation,
        Quaternion.LookRotation(target.position - 
        myTransform.position), rotationSpeed * 

    // Move towards the target
    myTransform.position += myTransform.forward * 
        moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime;


Of course, this completely ignored any collision with other game objects, since the Oni would just move towards the player, no matter what. So I looked around a little, and discovered the OnCollisionEnter method. This method is called, whenever the corresponding game object collides with another game object. So I went and played around with it. It was a while before I discovered that one of the colliding objects has to have a RigidBody attached (which also makes it influenced by gravity, momentum, etc).

So now that I had this working, I went ahead and filled in my OnCollisionEnter function for the Oni:

void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collisionInfo) {
	// if the Oni catches the player, it's game over
	if(collisionInfo.gameObject.tag == "Player") {
			Debug.Log("Game Over.");
	// if the Oni hits a door, move him through it and play the door
        // sound
	else if(collisionInfo.gameObject.tag == "Door") {;
		myTransform.Translate(0, 0, 2.75f);
	// if he didn't hit the player or a door, it's an object that's in 
        // the way --> avoid it
	else {
		reorienting = true;

As you can see, once the Oni hits an object that is in the way (such as the square sitting in the middle of the room in the video), I set a variable indicating the Oni should enter reorienting-mode. This is handled in the Update() function, where the code for moving the Oni toward the player is. It now looks like this:

	Move towards target. 
	If in reorienting mode, don't move towards the player, but in a
	different direction. Do that for a couple of frames, then reset and 
        follow the player again.
if(!reorienting) {
	myTransform.position += myTransform.forward * moveSpeed * 
else {
	myTransform.position += myTransform.right * moveSpeed * 
	if(i>10) {
		reorienting = false;

So, now the Oni can successfully avoid game objects. This is still obviously very rudimentary, since he will just move to the right every time he collides with a game object, including walls. This can lead to some bugs, for example when the player is running near walls while being chased by the Oni. Also the way teleporting works right now can lead to a double-teleport if the Oni is facing the door he is about to enter a wrong way. But, it’s a working version and now I can get to refining it a little. Stay tuned!

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Artist and Musician wanted!

Since I have no idea how to create some decent models/textures for a 3D game, I’m looking for someone who does. I can technically use stock resources from websites that offer freely available textures and models, but custom ones would give the game a better touch I guess. Also some custom music tracks would be nice, since I don’t want to just reuse tracks from the 2D game.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Willing to work without pay
  • Willing to communicate reliably

If you meet those, pitch me an email at scdehne(at) At the very least, I would need a model for Ao Oni himself, but if you want to create other stuff like environment clutter (tables, doors, windows, etc.) or textures, it’d be appreciated too! For musicians, at least one or two tracks would be cool, one chase theme and one atmospheric background theme for when the player explores the house, but we can talk details over email!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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This short video shows what I’ve been doing until now. It shows the inventory, item interaction (a key opens up a corresponding door), and an Oni appearance with a short chase. Keep in mind that textures are temporary and the result of a 10 second Google search until now. Also I haven’t been decorating the house with models yet.

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Welcome to my first post on this development blog. I’m a graduated B.Sc. of Computer Science, interesting in programming video games and I hope to work in the games industry at some point in the future. To achieve that goal, I’m currently learning my way around Unity with this project.

This is essentially a recreation of the Japanese Indie Horror Game called Ao Oni, a game about a group of kids that go investigate a haunted house. Inside, they are met with a blue demon and they have to solve riddles and hide from the demon to escape the house again. If you can, give it a try! Even though it’s an RPG Maker game, it has a really great atmosphere and is genuinely scary. There’s even an English translation!

I hope I can achieve something with this, the possibilities in bringing this already great game to the 3D space are really interesting. Stay tuned!

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